Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What's Yours is Mine

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky? About a week ago Yours had a big sale and then they generously offered another 25% off on top of that. I ordered a mustard coloured tunic, a pair of brown shoes and a leopard print scarf (I do love a scarf). Altogether it came to £15 before p&p which isn't bad at all. Here's me wearing my new garb earlier today...

Excuse my roof terrace, I won't get out there to do any house-keeping until the weather cheers up.
Anyway, the tunic is a gorgeous colour but Yours being the generous plus-sizers that they are,  have made the sizes, well on the generous side. I ordered the 26-28 not quite realising that weight-loss=fitting in smaller clothes. As I was able to get on a pair of size 24 jeans comfortably the other day I am thinking I won't get much more wear out of this. It's a shame because I am looking into getting some coloured leggings from Yours and I think this colour would go perfect with some teal leggings.
The scarf is fabulous and the shoes are very comfy but again a tad on the big size of size 8. I am however impressed by this company as they have some really gorgeous stuff on the website from basics such as leggings to on-trend items like bird-print tops and peter-pan collars.
Have you ordered from Yours before? Have you found the sizing to be generous like me? What do you think of their range?


  1. Love the colour of that tunic, mustard is def a winner on you, really suits your colourings!

    Toni x

  2. Thank you my lovely. It actually makes me feel 'sunny'! Lol x

  3. #weekofcolour catching on? hahaxx

  4. Loving this colour on you, and love the scarf too :) xx

  5. #weekofcolour IS catching on! It feels so nice to try something new that I wouldn't normally - it's all down to blogging giving me the confidence to try new colours that I wouldn't ordinarily. xXx

  6. the mustard colour definately suits you! looks lovely! <3
    if it`s too big...can take it in a bit at the seams?
    i sometimes try that coz my weight goes up and down every few years..if need it bigger again...just bring back to old size. XD hih
    anyways, looking great girl! ^^/
    haven`t ordered anything from Yours yet but checking often. i found plenty of pretty things there and they do have some amazing sales! *.*d MMxoxo

  7. the top looks great and you- and I love the colour! :)