Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wear it out

So it's post-christmas. Every magazine/newspaper is telling us that we want to lose weight (do we?), every celeb is telling us we must buy their fitness DVD (yeah right) and nobody has a pot to piddle in to buy anything new.
So for my OOTD I have decided to pull out a tunic that has only had a couple of airings since buying it about a year ago from New Look Inspire. I loved the pattern on it from the moment I saw it but sometimes I feel it looks a bit 'bellowy'.

 I'm thinking of wearing it with a belt. Unfortunatly I don't own many belts at the moment and the ones I do are just intended for jeans rather than creating a waist. Perhaps something like this one from Simply Be would go nicely?

As it is a new year maybe I should make it a resolution (hate that word) to experiment with accessories and pieces that I wouldn't ordinarily. Are there any looks or pieces that you fancy trying this year? Something that you've always told yourself wouldn't suit you? Be bold and brave - you never know, we may discover something we adore. xXx


  1. I love tunics! They are so versatile! And it looks beautiful on you! X

    Toni x

  2. I have this top, its so pretty but hard to wear, I put a belt with it and it works well. xxx

  3. That outfit is really nice! right now Im crocheting a red hat for me, seems this year is going to be really all about red , I have very few red clothes, but I love how it looks on me.
    I love the assemble you made on your clothes, makes your silohuette more delicate. :)

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments. x

  5. such a gorgeous print and the waterfall cardigan sets it off beautifully. You look very lovely.

  6. Thanks lovely - the cradigan is a Joe Browns Simply Be one which I got a couple of months back and adore. Little bit pricey but worth it for the wear it gets. xXx