Thursday, 26 January 2012

Having a Graze

I opened my lovely Grazia magazine on Tuesday to find a wonderful leaflet offering a free box of goodies to nibble from Graze. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of them but they make up these beautiful 'snacky' boxes of things to well graze on so if you like your food like me you'll love this.
The ordering process was simple. I logged on to the website and entered my freebie code then picked from a list 100 delectable treats which I wouldn't mind finding in my Graze box.
The list is pretty long and everything is pre-ticked 'try'. However you can change this to 'bin', 'like' or 'love' and if you do really love it then you can also click the 'send soon' box. Anyway I ticked away, set up my order and was told that the box would probably arrive by royal mail on Thursday.
On Thursday morning my delivery came - no need for signatures or answering the door to the postie because it won't fit in the letter box - simple. This is what I got...

If like me you are into calorie counting then you'll be pleased to know you get an individual welcome leaflet letting you know the four treats that have been picked for you and a nutrition guide for each. I got Bollywood Blend, Strawberry Milkshake, Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl and Sticky Lemon Dippy.
All the treats were scrummy and eaten up very quickly by myself, the other half and even our 3-year-old!
I would say I think Graze is marketed more towards office workers for a tendancy to pick at sweets so if that's you this is the perfect thing (you can even have it delivered straight to your work). Although I wouldn't recommend eating the whole box in one afternoon as mine was over 500 calories! Each treat is individually wrapped and your leaflet will give you a use by date so unless you order a 'bread' item there really is no reason to feel like you have to eat it all straight away.
As an added treat Graze have given me a code so 4 friends can get a free Graze box (offer only to UK people) so if you want a code come and direct message me on Twitter @TraceyBrocking and I'll direct message you back. Hurry - there are only 4 codes avaliable!


  1. I had a box a few weeks back, and even though it was tasty it just felt a little pricey for a few snacks - deffo worth a try though! x

  2. Yes, this won't be a long term thing for me as I'd much prefer an apple or yogurt for a snack. I'd literally eat the whole box of this in one sitting because I just love my food and don't know when to stop! Eek. x

  3. Fantastic idea! And delish for sure! ^^d

  4. Yes, do they 'Japanese inspired' snacks too ... let's hope I get something in my next Graze box. xXx

  5. i've never heard of this before. very cool! :)