Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wishes & Leaps

Can't believe we are almost into March already. I always look forward to the start of Spring, watching daffodils bloom, weather perking up and my gorgeous little girl's birthday. That in mind finances are short, but there is SO much gorgeous stuff I want right now. It's always the way - you have no money and the good stuff comes out. Twitter and the plus-size community has been aflutter with New Look's Koko range. Nobody seems to know where it's sprung from but much of it is very similar to Lovedrobe and the prices are fairly steep compared to what we're used to from NL. There are a few pieces I have fallen for already from Koko and a few other bits that have caught my eye this week. Enjoy...

Koko heart print dress - New Look Inspire

Koko skater dress - New Look Inspire

Koko bow tunic - New Look Inspire

Maxi dress- Yours

Hawaiian shirt - Asos Curve

And as today is 29th February, the lovely people at Simply Be are offering 10% discount AND free standard delivery if you use the code AALW6 Luckily for me I have an account with them so I've ordered a few gorgeous bits. Go on, take a leap and buy yourself something nice. x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I love a scarf....

Yes, as the title says I love a scarf. I don't mind where it's from but if it's cheap then all the better (and usually they are). See in my book what better way to 'jazz up' a plain outfit of black top and jeans than to put something that stands out around your neck?

Excuse this blog is a tad picture heavy...

Unfortunatly most of these are pretty old now but they come from a variety of places such as Asos or New Look. The Zandra Rhodes (second one down) was a lovely gift from Simply Be for attendees at PlusLondon2 and is my current favourite.
I do have my eye on this little beauty though  - from yes, you guessed it New Look.

I haven't found it in store so think I am going to have to get it from the website. This girl loves a bit of bird-print! x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let the sun shine

I woke up this morning with the sun shining through my (very light) curtains. I love this, it puts me in such a great mood for the day. Anyway, I've been to the shops with the family and then when I got home I spent some time on my roof terrace just generally tidying up and listening to early 90s R&B. Now my gammon is cooking nicely in the oven and smells heavenly. This to me is a perfect way to spend a Sunday.
I told you I picked up a top in New Look yesterday that was on sale, well I thought I'd post about it today as I have it on. I can't see it on the website unfortunatly, but anyway it was reduced from £12.99 to £4 and I just love it!

Everything else I have on is from (you guessed it) New Look. Yes, my name is Tracey and I am a New Look addict. Well you'll be pleased to know I'm looking into getting a denim jacket from Simply Be and well maybe something else if anything takes my fancy. Hope you're enjoying this lovely Sunday as much as me. xXx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A spring in her step

Isn't the sunshine we've been having lovely? I don't know about you but it actually makes me feel so much happier. I must admit I have been feeling pretty crap lately and I let myself suffer in silence. Basically at christmas I had what I thought was a cold that would just go on its own. I took some medicine and thought I was over it (bar a few niggly symptoms) until about a week ago. I thought I had a toothache but my sinuses were blocked too. I kind of wondered if the two might be related but as I haven't had a dentist appointment in about 18 months I thought I had better rule that out first. It turned out my teeth were fine so off I went to the doctors who has given me antibiotics for my sinuses. I'm already starting to feel a bit better and next time I'll make sure I don't neglect my health.
Saying that I have been neglecting the healthy eating too. I just haven't felt in the right mood and have really craved sugar and damn those peanut butter kit-kats!

Anyways, today I have been wearing this pretty little dress from New Look Inspire.

I know I am becoming a bit of an Inspire addict but I love this dress. it's perfect for warmer weather. On the website pic it looks very similar to the swallow dress. I have to tell you its not the same material and it doesn't have pockets (pocket obsessed) but in its own right it is very pretty. I teamed mine up with a black Evans (an old purchase I may add) belt, good old black leggings and pumps. Please excuse the fact that it's unironed - I hate ironing but clearly it's not something I can get away with with this dress.

I also purchased a floral top on sale from New Look Inspire today so I'll be posting about that in the next couple of days. Have you been buying anything to get you in the mood for Spring? xXx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Skincare revolution or just another beauty product?

I had my radio on Kiss FM the other day and heard an advert about a 'skincare revolution'. I didn't think too much of it but as there was a free sample being given away I thought hey, why not. All you have to do is 'like' the facebook page from the link here. Once you've done that it only take a couple of days for you to receive your free sample.

They are trying to hype up this product by referring to it as a 'mystery' and a 'revolution' and then giving it a reveal date (1st March if anyone cares). There is nothing that I could say from my one sample that would make me think this is a revolution. Apparently it can be used as a cleanser AND a mask but I'm pretty sure there are other dual products like this on the market. The scent of the product reminds me of the smell of Head & Shoulders shampoo, not sure if that is a good thing or not. I put the product on my hand so you could see what it's like.

You can't see it very clearly in my photo but the product is a very very light green. I massaged it in to my face as advised but be warned this product doesn't foam very much at all and is more of a creamy consistency. I have always had problem skin and for me personally I prefer a more 'soapy' consistency. After I dried my face it looked cleaner but no cleaner than it would using any other cleansing product. Apparently 91% of Glamour readers would recommend this product to a friend. As it's free I'd say yes, try it but just don't hold out for that revolution just yet! x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Evans - Up your game

Dear Evans,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this because for many years you were my go to store. Birthdays and christmas would always mean Evans vouchers for me. I guess it wasn't so much because I had to have what you were bringing out. It was more to do with the fact that you really were the only clothing store that solely catered for plus-size women and for this I will always be greatful.
But Evans, time are a changing. I don't want smocks or office shirts, dual-sizes are not for me either. I want bird print, aztec print, pastel colours and I want them in my size not some silly dual size. I also want them for a price which doesn't make me want to pass out unless its cut down by a sale or discount code.
Take for instance the bird-print tunic I purchased from you recently. The only way I could afford it was because you were offering 15% off and because had a 25% discount code. When it came I was un-impressed for £37 the cut was bad and if I kept it I would have had to size up x2. I took the top back to my nearest Evans and was not suprised when your assistant told me that particular store would be closing down. I was the only customer in the shop during a lunch-hour and this store sits alongside Icelend and opposite a public toilet - hardly inspiring or welcoming. And there is not one other fashion retailer within a 10 minute walk of that branch.
I have not been fatshion blogging for long but you should know that it's a pretty big (pardon the pun) community and we talk. We discuss things we like and things we don't. Sometimes there are 'must have items' like the New Look swallow print dress or the Simply Be peter-pan pearl collar tunic that numerous plus-size bloggers sing the praises of. I have not seen one must have Evans item that more than one blogger raves about.
I'm sorry and I feel awful because I do buy the odd item from you or pick things up in the sale, I also regularly check your website but that's it. On  the whole I find your clothing uninspiring, expensive and catering for a plus-size woman that doesn't represent me. I don't want to feel like this Evans but you have left me no choice. have a look at what your competitors are doing, speak to real plus size women and read the many amazing fatshion blogs out there. Be inspired by us as we'd like to be by you.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Granny Chic?

So attendees on Pluslondon2 got a lovely 25% discount code for Evans, in addition the website were recently offering 15% off new items. So I ended up ordering this tunic:

Anyone who knows me knows I am partial to a bit of bird-print. Although this would usually be very far out of my price range for a top, with the discount it was a bit more affordable. As I've been trying to lose weight I thought I'd go for a size 24 as I'd been able to wear a 24 comfortably in New Look recently.

When the tunic arrived I tried it on straight away but found it was not the best fit, in fact I would say it boarded on a 22 more than a 24. I just don't think it looks fabulous on me at all but I thought I'd take some photos for you lovelies to see what I mean.

Also what is going on around the neck? - It just doesn't seem to lay right. Probably on account of it being too small. So I guess this is going back - not sure whether to get a refund or exchange for something else... what do you lovely followers think? xXx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Queen of Hearts

So nothing says Valentines like hearts. But who says you need valentines as an excuse to wear your heart on your sleeve, chest or ears if you so desire? Here are a pick of my favourite heart items out at the moment.

I love this cute tunic and think it would be perfect for spring/summer with a pair of leggings, cropped denim jacket and sunglasses ... hurry up warm weather!

Although this is River Island and therefore NOT available beyond a size 16 (I checked on the website), I just think it's so lovely and a steal at £25.

I've posted about this dress before and yes I am still craving it. Unfortunately finances won't permit me to buy it right now so I'll just keep wishing...

Just because these are a little bit cute, if not a little bit saucy.

This is a steal at just £5.99 and you'll notice in the description it says 'fitted' which makes a change from the general shapeless t-shirts that I've come across for plus-sizes.

I think these are so sweet and the pastel pink is very now.

Do you like hearts on clothing and accessories? What are your plans for Valentines and will you be wearing anything special? xXx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Inspire me New Look

So today I did something I'd been meaning to do for a while. I went to New Look and tried on a few different things.' What's so different about that?' I hear you cry. Well I am NOT one for trying on in shops - actually I HATE it. I have no idea why. Anyway my plan was to try on LOADS and not buy anything just pick things I wouldn't normally wear. To a degree I was successful in doing this but not as much as I'd like because the shop assistant was pissing me off. She was hanging around by the changing room talking to a customer who was clearly her friend. Then whenever I came out the changing room she wanted to know the ins and outs of a cat's backside. I just really wanted to be left to my own devices. Anyway, here is what I tried:

Now I am not much of a lover of in your face flower print BUT I really like the print on this. The only downside was the fit. I know it is meant to be tight fitting but it's just not great. Very baggy on the shoulders but clingy everywhere else. It's also a size 26 which I fit into easily in NL so this is def. how it is meant to fit. Not my cup of tea at all.

Now this dress I have been eyeing up for some time on the website. It is something I would never normally pick for myself. Sure I love leopard print shoes and scarves but this is WAY out  of my comfort zone. I think I was influenced by this gorgeous dress that Mhairi wore to Plus London 2.

 I know it's not even in the same league, but I ADORE it. The material is nice and thickish (but not too thick). It comes with a belt (which I couldn't do up properly due to the way it was attached to the labelling. It seemed to go well with my boots/leggings combo too. I think this would look great with a little red clutch bag for a night out.

This is an aztec print top. Not my usual style and I liked it when I tried it on but in the photo it looks a bit 'bellowy'. It has a nice gold button detail at the back and is a decent length. I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy it though.

This is 'the dress' of the moment amongst plus-size bloggers I think. Naomi and Claire have got it and both love it so watch their blogs as they plan to do their own takes on it which I can't wait for. On me however I think the colour makes me look 'washed out'. I think I could also have done with getting the next size down as the waist came up a bit big. There is a blue version of this dress so at some point I'm hoping to try that one as I think it would go really well with black boots and a leather jacket to really 'rock it up'.

I spotted this top on the website last week and just think it's a really cute casual top. The material is very thin and it's not very long but I think it would be lovely with a chunky-knit cardi.
So there you have it. I guess if I were to buy anything it would be the leopard print dress as this was by far my favourite. I am really loving the Inspire range and what impressed me most was how after purchasing Company magazine today, many of the items are bang on trend -aztec print, pastel colours. I think it really shows how committed they are to bringing catwalk trends to plus-size ladies. What are your feelings on Inspire and do you like any of the pieces I tried on? x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So at Plus London 2 I was determined come hell or high water to get my bra size measured properly. I knew that I was wearing the wrong size as I haven't been measure since  early 2009 and I know for a fact that I've put on weight since then.
As soon as I went in the changing room, the lovely lady from Elomi knew straight away that I had the wrong size on and that it was doing nothing for me. The danger in this, she said is that it will cause sagging (bit late for me, lol). Without a tape measure she picked up a bra for me to try. Yes, that's right she could tell without one of those horrid cold tape measures. It was slightly too small in the cup so she got the next size for me which fitted PERFECTLY. Elomi then kindly gave us our new bras in gift bags. The bra is called Caitlyn and while I'm not normally keen on under wired bra, I really like this one.
 I am so happy I am now the proud owner of perky breasts. I have to say I think they actually make me look a bit slimmer and  my clothes fit better. Below is a photo my other half took of me in my lovely new Simply Be tunic from the recent key items available (which I am LOVING btw) wearing the Elomi bra underneath.

Tunic - Simply Be
Necklace - Evans
Leggings and Boots (not seen) - Simply Be

Again, please excuse the state of our roof terrace! I have to say I'm so happy with this bra I've ordered another Elomi via Simply Be.

I would urge plus size girls, make sure you have the right size bra. It will make a huge difference to how your clothes look and also there are so many pretty ones out there now. We don't have to put up with boring old black, white and beige anymore. So going treat yourselves for Valentines. x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Plus London 2 - Outfit

This is a picture of me in my full outfit for Plus London 2. The photo was taken by Claire, well actually her husband. If you click on the link above you can look at some of the other fantastic photos he took throughout the evening - put mine to shame!

Tunic - Zandra Rhodes for Simply Be
Leggings - Joe Browns for Simply Be
Boots - Simply Be
Necklace - Boots

The tunic is last season but is still available in all sizes up to 32 on the website. Also this is me pre-elomi. I will be doing my bra fitting post in the next couple of days so keep a look out. xXx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Plus London 2

On Saturday evening I took myself off for my first bloggers event Plus London 2. The event was organised by Claire at London's Strand Gallery. It was a night full of fatshion, fun and frupneys!

I started off the evening meeting some of the other girls at Zizzis restaurant in Charing Cross. It was nice to meet faces that I recognised from the world of twitter and blogging and lots of newbies. Then some of the girls who were modelling hot-footed it over to The Strand in preparation for their modelling whilst the rest of us finished our meals.

The rest of us ventured out in the snow just in time for the catwalk fashion show. The clothing was from One Stop Plus and highlighted the pieces from their SS12 range. All the girls involved did an amazing job modelling and truly looked like they were experts. Here are just some of the photos I took.

Beautiful Bethany

Lovely Lauren

Marvellous Mhairi

Brave and Beautiful Becky

I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed with the range. I think there were two pieces I liked but the rest were very 'safe' and hardly going to change the face of plus-size fashion.
Once the fashion show was done, we got a chance to mingle. There was an opportunity to buy vintage pieces from Red Bows Boutique , to view a few pieces from SS12 Simply Be collection (which goes LIVE online tomorrow btw). There was also an opportunity to have your bra size measured by the lovely girls from Elomi Lingerie. There were doing bra measurements (without a tape measure in sight) and giving away a freebie bra (retailing at £35 on the Simply Be website). I am going to write about bras/bra measuring in the next few days as I've been a bit inspired by the Elomi experience and even purchased another Elomi bra online the very next day!
The event was rounded off with a raffle with loads of superb prizes that had been donated (I didn't win unfortunately) and as we left we were given a little goodie bag. Inside the bag was a Zandra Rhodes scarf and compact from Simply Be, Love Label nail varnishes (I'm rocking the silver one today) and a host of other discounts for great shops such as Domino Dollhouse and Dolly Darling which is a jewellery line created by one of my favourite bloggers Georgina.

SS12 Simply Be

cupcakes and wine - woo hoo

The event was a really good night. Claire did a fantastic job organising it all, and i know she had her little helpers but doing this and holding down a full-time job could not have been an easy task - so thanks Claire. It was also a huge honour to meet so many of my favourite bloggers, and I'm so sorry to those I didn't say hello to. I'm still a baby in terms of this blogging malarkey and a couple of months ago I had no idea fatshion blogs even existed but thank you for inspiring me with your creativeness and your commitment to plus size fashion and I look forward to the next event. xXx

Afterthought - sorry for not posting my photo but I forgot to ask Matt to take any before I left. I wore my Zandra Rhodes tunic, black leggings and snow-suitable boots.