Friday, 6 January 2012

Passion for Fashion: Pretty In Pink

Today I thought I would bring something a little different to the blog. I'd like to share with you one of my favourite ever films - Pretty In Pink and if you are like me and love a bit of fashion, a good eighties soundtrack and a love story then I suggest you watch this little gem.
I remember seeing the poster for this film in a video store (remember those?) on the way to school, it was around 1986/87 so I would have been about 8 or 9 years old.
It wasn't this exact poster but I remember being smitten by Molly Ringwald and her look. She was different, not blonde hair and blue eyes like the usual Hollywood heroines, but red hair, freckles and quirky.

The film is about Andie (played by Ringwald). A poor girl, living with her unemployed father who goes to a school where there is a very clear divide between rich and poor. She meets Blane (played by Andrew McCarthy - a true eighties heartthrob). They fall for each other but run into difficulties when their friends do not approve of the relationship. Blane promises to take Andie to the prom but chickens out, so Andie ends up going alone. She wears a prom dress that she creates from a dress belonging to her friend/boss Iona and a dress her father gets her in a thrift shop.

 Along with the support of her friend Ducky she goes to prom and bumps into Blane who is there alone and looking completly miserable. He apologises for being a complete douche. Andie chases after him and they share a passionate kiss.
This really is a film I could watch time and time again. The opening sequence for me just pulls you in. You see Andie getting ready for school - putting on her stockings, flowery pop socks, picking out accessories from a drawer full of costume jewellery before seeing the outfit in its full glory. She also has the loveliest girly bedroom. I defy any girl who doesn't have a passion for fashion to dislike this film. What are your favourite fashion inspired films or TV shows? x


  1. Lovelovelove this movie!
    One of my alltime faves too! ^^d
    The clothes, the music...purrfect!
    Duckie was so cute. ^^<3

  2. Oh me too. I really want to find the soundtrack now...going to see if I can buy it online. x

  3. Love this film, although I came to it much later in life after watching The Breakfast Club when I was about 21, and then wanting to watch everything else Brat Pack.

    For me, it was all about Clueless satorially when I was a teenager....I wanted to change my outfit ten times a day and have a computerised wardrobe. A girl can dream!

    I actually really love everything Anne Hathaway wears in The Devil Wears Prada also....but then thats really just saying that I admire the fashion skills of Patrica Field, as I like the majority of fashions in SATC also!

  4. oh yes, Devil Wears Prada and of course Sex and The City. I have a coffee table book for the show and I could just sit there and look through it over and over again. Even the movies (although don't get me started on how racist and offensive number 2 is) the fashion will always be amazing. x