Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pastel Colours

Nothing feels more like spring than seeing pretty pastel colours on some of my favourite clothing websites, well apart from Easter eggs on the shelves in January! Here are a pick of some of my favourite pastel pieces in plus size. Enjoy!

Dress So Fabulous - Very
Shoes So Fabulous -Very
Parka - Simply Be

Tunic - Simply Be

Cardy - Yours

Top - Asos

I think my favourite item is the So Fabulous dress, we have a wedding to go to in May so I think it would be perfect...well unless I see something else more gorgeous before then, Lol!


  1. Love them all....if you were to toddle off to my blog, you'd note that I'm loving the pastels too...that jacket I think may end up in my wardrobe at some point!

  2. oh, will have a look! Its always worth having a parka...particularly for the crappy summers we have in the UK. x

  3. oh me gosh! such cute finds!
    love the dress..and the shoes...and the cardie..
    ok i love them all! xD<3 can`t wait for spring
    so can start wearing all kinds of cute things...
    pastels and florals ^^<3 MMxoxo