Monday, 30 January 2012

Flower Power

I ADORE floral prints on clothing so here are a few of my favourite floral finds (try saying that after a drink or two). I think my favourite is the Simply Be playsuit. I've never worn a playsuit though but this is gorgeous.

Now, this next outfit is very floral, but I'm afraid it is a little OTT for me... however I'd love to know what you think that's not to say that it wouldn't look fabulous on the right girl. All of the items are available individually from the Asos Curve range.


  1. I actually love the floral ASOS stuff, but I know a lot of ladies have voiced their dislike on twitter! I'm not sure I could pull off head to toe, but I'd love the pencil shirt they have xx

  2. Ooh I'm the same, love the pencil skirt, but not the whole combo!

    Nice bag :)

  3. Love the simply be bits and the asos pencil skirt is lovely on its own, i love the mini skirt in newlook inspire range, just wish I could pull it off. xx

  4. too much floral can be a bit ..too much. XD
    but a simple piece is always very very cute.^^
    love the simply be dresses! <3

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies. xXx