Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Challenges Ahead

So a blog is a personal thing right? So I thought I'd share with you some personal stuff that you may or may not know if you follow me on twitter or are a facebook friend. I have been thinking for the longest time about getting healthy and trying to lose weight. I am not going to use the word 'diet' as in my mind a 'diet' is something temporary. Whatever I do to try and get to a healthy weight will have to be a long-term thing. Heart disease and heart attacks run in my family and I'm so tired of having no energy to do the things I want to do with my little girl.

I started on the 9th January and have so far lost 7lb. This is through a combination of healthy eating, 3 meals a day plus snacks. I have tried to cut out/limit butter, fizzy drinks, white bread and sugar in my tea/coffee. On the exercise front I have been using my wii (I also use this for weigh-in and checking my bmi) and have been swimming once. I was in so much pain the next day after swimming because i think I overdid it a little. Inspite of this, I really have noticed some small differences. I don't have as many headaches, my skin looks a lot clearer and my back doesn't ache as much.

I know it will be a long road ahead but I am determined. My blog will continue with the fatshion slant but I wil be updating on my weight-loss - highs and lows on a regular basis.


  1. Good for you hun, as I have said it is your body, and if this is whats right for you then it is a beautiful thing, congratulations on your achievement this week. All bodies are beautiful and we all have the right to choose which one we want to have be it a 8 or a 28. xxxxxx

  2. Thank you for your support, it means so much. I am so disappointed that it seems some plus-size bloggers have a real negativity towards weightloss and it makes me sad. Like you said to me, we have to do what is best for ourselves. xXx

  3. you go girl! b^^d good for you! ^^d
    those are great results already and good luck
    with the effort. b^^d
    be healthy and happy...it`s the main thing. ^^d

  4. Good for you! I completely support you! I know how much support and encouragement can really help during this time as it is challenging. I have also noticed some 'plus-size bloggers that are more negative on the whole 'weightloss subject' though it can be a very sensitive subject for some, It is okay to loss weight to feel better and to get healthier! Isn't it all about being healthy/happy/confident/comfortable no matter what your size is? I say all the power to you! xxx