Friday, 13 January 2012

Ring of Change

I wanted to treat myself to a little something from the Domino Dollhouse website but seeing as it's January and money is tight I knew I couldn't afford to spend too much. So I decided upon this Cameo ring in the clearance section:

The ring was $4.99 but with postage and packing I paid a grand total of £7.21. Unfortunatly the ring was only avaliable in one size a '7' which means nothing to me as I am used to letters, but I thought I would take my chances anyway.
The ring took roughly 7 days to come in the post and I must say I wasn't dissapointed. It's very thick and chunky. The only downside was that it really only fits on my little finger and is non-adjustable. But I'm still going to wear it because it's fabulous and I had to paint my nails pink in honour...
I am not usually a ring wearer apart from my engagement ring but that is changing thanks to a few pretty ones that I have recently purchased and I'm so glad that there are more adjustable costume rings out in shops like Claires and New Look.
This is another of my favourites from New Look, it isn't adjustable but it is in a 'large' and I've had it for a while...
Do you like wearing costume jewellery? Do you have any favourite pieces?


  1. oh me gosh those rings are so pretty! <3
    nice finds! ^^d MMxoxo

  2. thank you Domino Dollhouse does some beautiful clothes too AND they use plus-size models - not just size 16 so you get a much better feel for what something will look like on. xXx

  3. So adorable! Yes, unfortunately it's not adjustable, but looks great on any finger! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  4. Thank you for commenting. I love it and look forward to future purchases from your website. :0)

  5. Beautiful rings I must go cheque out their web site now! xx

  6. I'm such a fan of costume jewellery, although rings and bracelets dont tend to fit me so I stay well clear. However necklaces and earrings I cant get enough of!!

  7. I must admit: I too have a bit of a weakness for giant ornaments and costume jewelry! For me, the bigger the ornament on the ring, the better. I just feel like my hand is more elegant and graceful when I see a ring on it, and a big pendant or ornament just emphasizes that gracefulness. I share the same problem that you have with non-adjustable rings though, haha! Some of the best pieces are non-adjustable and won’t fit on anything other finger than my pinky!