Sunday, 18 March 2012

There's No Place Like Home

Yesterday Matt and I took our little one off to spend some of her birthday pennies and to see The Wizard of Oz at The Palladium.
I have no red glittery shoes or baby blue gingham so I just decided to be a bit 'girly' for the occasion and wore this.
He only managed to get one half decent photo unfortunately...

Dress - Simply Be (past season)
Waterfall Cardigan - New Look Inspire (past season)
Leggings - Simply Be (past season)
Boots - Simply Be (past season)
Hairband - New Look (past season)

Yep, non of my bits are 'current' but I really don't care :0P Matt looked in my wardrobe and said 'you don't wear half of this' so I have been on a bit of a sale on ebay so far selling 4 items. I also sold a fab top to the lovely Preya a fellow blogger so I hope she posts about it when it arrives.

We had a great time at Hamley's so if you are in London you must go. Five floors of toys - not sure I like these toys they fling over your heads or helicopters - Matt was pretty nervous as he is so tall. Our daughter is currently into Playmobile so she picked the caravan and here are the other bits she got for her birthday.

Matt has seriously enforced his love of Playmobile on our daughter. I would rather she liked Sylvanian Families as I think they are so cute but oh well.

The Wizard of Oz was fantastic and if you're in London you must go. The best thing in it by far was the wicked witch esp when she came out with her hair like Mel B in a sexy number. So much so that I would love to see Wicked now. Our girl really enjoyed the show and her favourite thing was the cowardly lion. Matt has NEVER been to the theatre and he was also very impressed.

Anyway, just time to say Happy Mothers Day to the mums out there and if you're not a mum well enjoy the fact that you don't have to sample the delights of toast or tea made by a four year old. x


  1. Aww you look luvly hun! Absolutely love the dress! Well, the whole outfit! ^^d
    And yay for Wizard of Oz! <3

    1. thx sweetie. I like the dress except its handwash. i hate it when i realise something is handwash ... so annoying. xXx

  2. Sounds like you and your family had a nice day out :). I really want to see Wizard of Oz as well, AND Wicked. Somehow I never get myself to go though :/.

    You look really pretty in your dress, the lace suits you!

    Oh, I also got a reminder in my head.. did we make plans for this coming weekend about the scarves and stuff? I have no other plans, so it would suit me fine. Let me know :)! xx

    1. Oh damn, i forgot and my mother in law is now visiting this weekend. maybe we could do Saturday 31st if you're not busy. xXx

    2. My friend from Finland is visiting me that weekend.. and then my mum & aunties are coming for Easter. If no weekday evening is not good for you, then let's just do it after Easter :). No hurry.