Wednesday, 28 March 2012

That dress

So as I promised you yesterday, here's me in the birdcage dress. please give me your thoughts. I like it but just not liking the slip underneath too much. Still not quite sure if I should keep it as I don't know when I'd wear it, seems a bit too 'special' for everyday.

Dress- Asos Curve

I have only added one pic because I absolutely hate my hair - so much so that after I dropped Teagan off at nursery I went and had a dry-cut, got myself some John Frieda and have gone a bit darker. So here is my new hair, hot off the press. It's meant to be dark blonde but looks brown to me. So ta-da..

Don't forget your thoughts on the dress - to keep or not to keep, that is the question! x


  1. love the dress but the hair is definitely brown! ;)

    Love love love the dress on you btw :)

  2. I love the dress, but you're right, it is a 'special' dress in some respects. I would probably wear it to work for 'business dress' days in the summer.

    However, I LOVE the new hair xx

    K xx

  3. I love the dress. I would probably still wear it for everyday with leggings :)

    Nice new hair too! x

  4. i love the dress! maybe i`m a fancy dresser then or something but i`d wear it all the time anywhere. xD<3
    it`s pretty! what`s wrong with the slip? o.o am curious coz my asos lace dress also had a sliding slip i had trouble with.
    ur hair looks nice darker. ^^d on the piccie looks light brownish but not sure in reality. ^^ nice anyhoops!
    anyhoop..keep the dress! ^^d (or i`ll take it xD) hih <3

  5. thanks for the feedback ladies. Linz honestly no leggings would be needed (and i wear leggings with EVERYTHING) it is a good length just a stupid slip that takes ages to arrange and rearrange. Lol xXx

  6. I adore that dress, and if I cant have it atm, I demand that you keep it so I can lust at it vicariously! But I've always imagined it to be more of a special occassion dress than an everyday one....maybe thats just me!

    1. Yeah, I'm the same, i think it's very going out for tea or a christening. None of which I do very often. but now I have my eye on the gorgeous heart print Swan tunic/dress. I think i would get so much more wear from that. Sorry my lovely. xXx

  7. I still really want this dress, it is going to have to become mine! x