Friday, 30 March 2012

Perfect for the occasion

I have finally found the perfect dress for my cousin's wedding in May. I have looked at a few different dresses but have gone back to a beautiful dress I first spotted a couple of months back from Frock & Frill at Simply Be.
Now, I'm not putting any photos up of me wearing the dress as I want to save those for the actual wedding when I have hair perfectly coiffed, make-up looking fab and picked the perfect accessories but I did want to share my glee. So what do you think?

Speaking of weddings. I finally sold my wedding dress from when I married my ex in 2006. It was for much less than I wanted but when the lady called me to arrange picking it up she seemed chuffed to bits so I'm just glad to be able to make someone else happy. I guess having a short-lived marriage and wearing the big, expensive dress really made me re-evaluate that if me and Matt were to ever walk down the aisle, then I'd never dream of spending that sort of money on a dress that only gets worn for one day. Ah well, you live and you learn. x


  1. that dress looks lovely. ^^
    can`t wait to see it on you. ^^d

  2. Thank you gorgeous. It looks pretty on and I just love the colours. xXx

  3. ohh i really need this dress !

  4. hey ladies, just to let you know Naomi has blogged about it. I love the way she wears gold accessories with it. xXx