Monday, 12 March 2012

Garnier B.B. Cream

You know I'm partial to a freebie, so just before I went on my Facebook detox I saw an offer to try a sample of Garnier B.B. cream. I had no idea what it was, what B.B. stood for or where it was meant to be applied. Imagine my delight when I received not 1 sample but three little packets to try out!

'so what does B.B. stand for?' I hear you cry. Well B.B. is short for Blemish Balm. and according to the scientific blurb on the packet means it 'combine(s) the benefits of skincare and make-up in one'. It was originally developed in the 1950s apparently so I have no idea why it has taken so long for the world to discover it but like oldies such as Astral, this cream is a goodie.

The shade sent to me was 'light' and initially when I opened the package I thought it was a tad dark, however it blended beautifully leaving no tide marks. The other thing I noticed was how thick it was. I had the impression it would be thin and watery like a tinted moisturiser but this seemed quite rich and had the beautiful light and fruity scent of other Garnier products.

In the evening after I washed my face I don't know if I imagined it but my skin felt incredibly soft. This is definitely a product I would invest in again. As a mum I don't have time, finances or the energy to do moisturiser, foundation, concealer and powder. I'd much rather have a product like this that can be applied quickly and work a little magic too.  The RRP is £9.99. However I notice that Sainsburys had it on offer (sorry can't remember the exact price). Superdrug are offering it for £7.49 and Boots has it at the RRP price. In the meantime click on the link in the first paragraph and see if you can get your hands on a free sample (I know they were subject to availability). x


  1. I have seen this in ad on tv and thought about buying it, and after reading this, I definetly will. :)


  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.