Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bumps Away

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was around a size 24. At that time floaty tunic tops were very much in fashion so it was easy to pick up a top from Inspire or something from my existing wardrobe and wear it.
It never went unnoticed by me that there was a serious LACK in plus-size maternity clothes. I often got the pregnancy and baby magazines and never once did I see anything for a woman my size. To say this was upsetting is an understatement. Pregnancy is mean to be an amazing time and you want to feel good about yourself. The fact that an industry fails to acknowledge a person over size 18 is just downright rude.
I remember randomly looking on the Simply Be website at the time and finding that they had some staples. I bagged myself maternity jeans which I was very grateful for and they served me well. I also remember Evans randomly 'trying out' a maternity range from which I had a very comfy tracksuit (yes, tracksuit) and a tunic. This range, like the bridal range, hasn't lasted the distance though.
Recently I noticed that Simply Be have stepped up the maternity range by a gear. They have come up with a 'Maternity Clothing Guide'. This advises on different supportive panels in their range, they also give tips for maternity clothes shopping AND everything comes between the sizes of 14-32. The range itself isn't huge BUT it's a huge development from what has been on offer to us. There are lots of vests tops, some plain, some pretty. My recollection of pregnancy is that I was nearly always hot (even in the middle of winter) so layering was always the best option for me. This is where vest tops are perfect.  Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye.

Maternity Palazzo - Simply Be

Maternity Vest - Simply Be

Maternity Dress- Simply Be

As well as Simply Be, Yours have a selection of their items that they say are also suitable during pregnancy so that is also worth taking a look at. I'd love to know the experiences of others, if not yourself then your friends or family members because I really feel that pregnant plus-sized women are ignored by the fashion industry and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks this way. x


  1. Completely. I lived in leggings and stretchy tops. I had very little maternity clothing in my wardrobe, just stretchy "regular" clothing. I found the odd bit from asda, next & new look, but if you're above a 24, then there is nothing at all, just terrible!!

  2. Can imagine it would be very difficult to find nice maternity clothing in plus size. Often wondered about that too. O.o I remember when sis got pregnant and tho she`s tons smaller than me, she couldn`t find anything in Finland even then. Much less plus size. Lucky for her, I was just moving to Japan at the time so I could give her my old clothes that were just perfect when she got bigger. XD
    But yeah, I really get the feeling that plus size maternity clothing is totally ignored by the industry. In Japan, it really doesn`t exist. There is no such thing. O.o Normal plus size is hard enough to find (getting better but can be difficult outside of big cities) but plus size maternity is just down right impossible. =(

    1. Lol. i was just thinking how when i saw pregnant ladies in Japan (10 years ago) they were all dressed like eighties pregnant women - they reminded me of Princess Diana in flowery smocks! I wonder if they just get someone to make their matenrity clothes then? xXx