Thursday, 23 February 2012

Skincare revolution or just another beauty product?

I had my radio on Kiss FM the other day and heard an advert about a 'skincare revolution'. I didn't think too much of it but as there was a free sample being given away I thought hey, why not. All you have to do is 'like' the facebook page from the link here. Once you've done that it only take a couple of days for you to receive your free sample.

They are trying to hype up this product by referring to it as a 'mystery' and a 'revolution' and then giving it a reveal date (1st March if anyone cares). There is nothing that I could say from my one sample that would make me think this is a revolution. Apparently it can be used as a cleanser AND a mask but I'm pretty sure there are other dual products like this on the market. The scent of the product reminds me of the smell of Head & Shoulders shampoo, not sure if that is a good thing or not. I put the product on my hand so you could see what it's like.

You can't see it very clearly in my photo but the product is a very very light green. I massaged it in to my face as advised but be warned this product doesn't foam very much at all and is more of a creamy consistency. I have always had problem skin and for me personally I prefer a more 'soapy' consistency. After I dried my face it looked cleaner but no cleaner than it would using any other cleansing product. Apparently 91% of Glamour readers would recommend this product to a friend. As it's free I'd say yes, try it but just don't hold out for that revolution just yet! x


  1. Interesting. O.o;
    Usually I tend not to believe such products
    because those that really work..rarely
    need so much hype and hooplaah. But as it was free...well, never hurts to try really. ^^d
    Thankies for the introduction! ^^d

  2. I got that with some mag as well. Used it as a cleanser and it didn't work as well as my usual Clinique. Definitely not a revolution!


  3. You are right girls, this product just cleans your face. Nothing more, nothing less. There was me thinking itm ight make me look a bit like Katy Perry (wishful thinking). Lol xXx

  4. Just found out this product is Clearasil - a long-serving teen brand for spots. Well, it didn't work when i was a teenager and it didn't do much this time round. Thank you and good-night...Lol xXx