Sunday, 12 February 2012

Queen of Hearts

So nothing says Valentines like hearts. But who says you need valentines as an excuse to wear your heart on your sleeve, chest or ears if you so desire? Here are a pick of my favourite heart items out at the moment.

I love this cute tunic and think it would be perfect for spring/summer with a pair of leggings, cropped denim jacket and sunglasses ... hurry up warm weather!

Although this is River Island and therefore NOT available beyond a size 16 (I checked on the website), I just think it's so lovely and a steal at £25.

I've posted about this dress before and yes I am still craving it. Unfortunately finances won't permit me to buy it right now so I'll just keep wishing...

Just because these are a little bit cute, if not a little bit saucy.

This is a steal at just £5.99 and you'll notice in the description it says 'fitted' which makes a change from the general shapeless t-shirts that I've come across for plus-sizes.

I think these are so sweet and the pastel pink is very now.

Do you like hearts on clothing and accessories? What are your plans for Valentines and will you be wearing anything special? xXx


  1. Lovely choices! The first tunic is definately going on my WANT list! ^^d
    My yearning for heart prints etc comes and goes..but it has definately made a strong comeback recently. ^^d
    I have a beautiful heart necklace from Tiffany`s that was my husband`s first present to me. ^^<3 It will always be the most special thing I can think of. ^^d
    Have a fantastic day luv! MMxoxo

    1. Yes, I never even noticed the first tunic till today - I'm wondering wether to exchange it with the one I got that didn't work out??!!
      What a lovely gift - no wonder he became your husband. <3 xXx

  2. I LOVE THE TIGHTS! Must. Get. Them.


    1. I just went to Yours, but I couldn't find anything else that I wanted, so I didn't order them :(. I don't want to pay £12 (inc. delivery) for just tights. Hopefully they will stay on the site that I can get them later!