Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Evans - Up your game

Dear Evans,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this because for many years you were my go to store. Birthdays and christmas would always mean Evans vouchers for me. I guess it wasn't so much because I had to have what you were bringing out. It was more to do with the fact that you really were the only clothing store that solely catered for plus-size women and for this I will always be greatful.
But Evans, time are a changing. I don't want smocks or office shirts, dual-sizes are not for me either. I want bird print, aztec print, pastel colours and I want them in my size not some silly dual size. I also want them for a price which doesn't make me want to pass out unless its cut down by a sale or discount code.
Take for instance the bird-print tunic I purchased from you recently. The only way I could afford it was because you were offering 15% off and because had a 25% discount code. When it came I was un-impressed for £37 the cut was bad and if I kept it I would have had to size up x2. I took the top back to my nearest Evans and was not suprised when your assistant told me that particular store would be closing down. I was the only customer in the shop during a lunch-hour and this store sits alongside Icelend and opposite a public toilet - hardly inspiring or welcoming. And there is not one other fashion retailer within a 10 minute walk of that branch.
I have not been fatshion blogging for long but you should know that it's a pretty big (pardon the pun) community and we talk. We discuss things we like and things we don't. Sometimes there are 'must have items' like the New Look swallow print dress or the Simply Be peter-pan pearl collar tunic that numerous plus-size bloggers sing the praises of. I have not seen one must have Evans item that more than one blogger raves about.
I'm sorry and I feel awful because I do buy the odd item from you or pick things up in the sale, I also regularly check your website but that's it. On  the whole I find your clothing uninspiring, expensive and catering for a plus-size woman that doesn't represent me. I don't want to feel like this Evans but you have left me no choice. have a look at what your competitors are doing, speak to real plus size women and read the many amazing fatshion blogs out there. Be inspired by us as we'd like to be by you.



  1. aww..sorry you`re not happy with them hun. =(
    haven`t had much experience with evans so far,
    tho have ordered a few things and been pleased with them. just got one package from evans today and loved the tops i ordered. will be posting on them. ^^d
    must admit the price is higher compared to other similar shops (i only buy too when there`s a discount) and style isn`t as young as i`d like. they appeal more to my 66year old mum who thinks they are `younger looking clothes` for her. ^^;
    perhaps there`ll be some progress ahead..
    here`s hoping at least. ^^d MMxoxo

    1. I'm glad the tops you got were nice and look forward to your post on them. I admit I like the odd thing but that is really it - out of a whole store there should be more than one or two things I like AND they should be affordable. God, I'm such a ranter! Lol xXx

  2. Brilliant post Tracey. So, so true. I've not used Evans for a long time. And unless things change soon I don't plan on it again. If the Arcadia group don't want our money then that's their choice! X

    1. I hear ya! I want them to do great stuff and I don't want their stores to close down but I just feel like nothing is moving on with them - so I took my refund and spent it in NL instead! Lol xXx

  3. Preach it!!! I agree completely!