Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So at Plus London 2 I was determined come hell or high water to get my bra size measured properly. I knew that I was wearing the wrong size as I haven't been measure since  early 2009 and I know for a fact that I've put on weight since then.
As soon as I went in the changing room, the lovely lady from Elomi knew straight away that I had the wrong size on and that it was doing nothing for me. The danger in this, she said is that it will cause sagging (bit late for me, lol). Without a tape measure she picked up a bra for me to try. Yes, that's right she could tell without one of those horrid cold tape measures. It was slightly too small in the cup so she got the next size for me which fitted PERFECTLY. Elomi then kindly gave us our new bras in gift bags. The bra is called Caitlyn and while I'm not normally keen on under wired bra, I really like this one.
 I am so happy I am now the proud owner of perky breasts. I have to say I think they actually make me look a bit slimmer and  my clothes fit better. Below is a photo my other half took of me in my lovely new Simply Be tunic from the recent key items available (which I am LOVING btw) wearing the Elomi bra underneath.

Tunic - Simply Be
Necklace - Evans
Leggings and Boots (not seen) - Simply Be

Again, please excuse the state of our roof terrace! I have to say I'm so happy with this bra I've ordered another Elomi via Simply Be.

I would urge plus size girls, make sure you have the right size bra. It will make a huge difference to how your clothes look and also there are so many pretty ones out there now. We don't have to put up with boring old black, white and beige anymore. So going treat yourselves for Valentines. x


  1. Nice one luv! ^^d
    A good bra does so much for posture, ne!!
    Whenever I find a fantastic bra that fits just perfect, I always feel I look better and walk taller. ^^ hih Excellent. ^^d

  2. so agree with you there! xXx

  3. There is nothing like the feeling of a correctly fitted bra, they always make me happy :)

  4. I kept getting bad back and blaming my weight but you know since wearing the right size it hasn't happened. :0)