Thursday, 29 December 2011

One swallow does not a summer make

So this is my third blog and I know, it is quality over quantity but I have been wanting to do this for ages. I guess it's like those pringle crisps...once you pop you can't stop!
Anyway, I have been excited about the swallow print dress since I first spotted it on the New Look website. It currently retails at £24.99 and comes in two different colours. It is very quickly selling out on the New Look website so if you have a decent New Look store with the Inspire range I suggest heading there which is exactly what I did.
I am wearing the dress with my winter boots from Simply Be and Joe Browns (Again Simply Be) lace trim leggings. Although this is sold as a 'dress' I consider it more of a tunic but maybe that's just me... Anyway, I'm really loving it and so glad that I picked it up. I wouldn't ordinarily go for something with such a high neck either as I am quite big-busted but I think it is still pretty flattering.
So what are you all thinking about the swallow print look? Are there any swallow-print items you fancy purchasing? I also have this item too, from Simply Be, hopefully I'll blog about that soon..,size:


  1. I love this dress, I was looking at in new look yesterday and really need to get it! it looks gorgeous on you. xx

  2. Oh thank you, it's very comfy too and I forgot to mention it has lovely discreet pockets. Love your blog too by the way. X

  3. I must admit that I'm a huge fan of anything in a bird print, and have been for a fact I'm a bit of a sucker for anything bird like in the jewellery stakes too, owning lots of owls, birds and birdcages in necklaces and earrings!

    I won the simply be tunic, so will look forward to seeing what you make of it! But you look fab in the New Look dress, the colours really look fab on you! I almost bought it myself yesterday but I'd bought quite a few things already, including a dress so felt I kinda couldnt!

    Really enjoying your blog upon discovering it this evening, and looking forward to lots more posts!

  4. Me too, I also found a pair of swallow print trousers under the 'coming soon' section on Yours Clothing that are very similar to the Simply Be tunic (I wouldn't wear them together) but I think they would look gorgeous for Spring/Summer. Thank you for the lovely comments. x