Wednesday, 28 December 2011

If the shoe fits

So my mum and dad gave me an unexpected treat of a £100 voucher card for New Look. I am a pretty big fan of not only the Inspire Range but I also love the accessories - rings, bags, corsages and shoes.
I had a pair of  animal print ballet pumps from Primark a while back which I lived and died in (literally) but like most clothing and shoes I love, I wear to the bitter end. Anyway , I saw this pair of animal print shoes in New Look and had to have.

I love the way they are elasticated at the back (can't really tell from my pic) so they feel lovely and secure. I also love the beading and the bows. I'd probably wear these bad boys with quite a plain outfit, black top and jeans and let the shoes be the main feature but if you have any other suggestions as to what they would look good with, please let me know. x


  1. I reckon they'd look great with some leggings and that black and white Simply Be top? Or that Yours Clothing top? :)

    K x

  2. oh yes! See, I need to think outside the box a bit more....xXx