Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Wow, so we are finally at 31st December. Where has the year gone? I'm so glad to have finally started my blogging and I'm really looking forward to future blogs. There are already some gorgeous items that I want to purchase and have many ideas for new blogs in 2012. However, I must add I am not big on this 'big changes' 'out with the old' that some people harp on about when it comes to New Years. For me personally I think you can make changes to your life at any point you want - you don't need a silly date to tell you and it shouldn't be just restricted to 1st January. You should see everyday as a new chapter and a fresh start...
The other half and I have no plans to go out tonight as we have a three year old daughter and it's pretty hard to get a sitter, also she is such an early bird we'd be back home by 10.30pm. It  doesn't bother me, I'd much rather stay in with a drink and take-away and watch Jools Holland. For today's post I did want to show you my OOTD (even if I am in my pjs by midnight)!
Please excuse my water-logged roof terrace, I must find some half-decent places to take my pics!
My top is Anna Scholz at Simply Be. I got this in the sale at the beginning of November and I have literally worn it to death ever since. I LOVE the fact that it isn't too thick and heavy like some jumpers For me personally it isn't an appropriate length to wear just with tights like the model in the catalogue pic.

 so I wear mine with black jeans (New Look sale for £10) and today I wore them with my new animal print ballet pumps from New Look. The jumper is now only avaliable in sizes 18 and 32 on the Simply Be website and I know some bloggers had it on their wishlist so it has obviously proved to be a very popular item. I for one am really looking forward to seeing what Spring/Summer  has in store for Anna Scholz/Simply Be, don't know about you?
Well readers, hope you have a enjoyable and safe evening whatever you are doing and wherever you may be going.  xXx


  1. I truly adore this jumper....I'm certain that its one of those items that will look fab on pretty much anyone, its just that well made! I'm gutted that I missed out on it, but then I think I'm not alone in that in the fatshion blogsphere!

    Really loving the look and a happy new year to you!

  2. Oh thank you hun, I have had a quick peek at your recent blogs but what I love to do is go right back when I find a blog I like and read the oldies. So |I'll be oding that when I have some time.
    Happy New Year to you too, hope you had a great evening. xXx

  3. Total love for this jumper!! You look fantastic in it hun x x

  4. Thank you m'dear. It's starting to bobble already though... need to go easy on the poor thing :0( xXx